Hemp Seed Coffee (Cannabissimo) 250gr


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Cannabissimo hemp coffee:

  • Mix of coffee beans and hemp seeds.
  • The share of coffee beans are made up of Arabica and Robusta beans.
  • Free of gluten.
  • Free of preservatives.
  • Only contains natural flavorings.

Hemp coffee

Are you a coffee fan just like we us? Then it is nice to hear you will receive all the best of the hemp plants, while you are sipping from a good cup of coffee. Hemp tea was already available, and now there is a nice variant full of benefical properties, also for the coffee drinker.

Coffee with a green edge

We know already that hemp seeds have healthy characteristics. So now this comes back in your coffee as well. You will profit from all the best of the hemp seeds while drinking this tasteful coffee.

Usage Cannabissimo hemp coffee

Cannabissimo is easy to use because this filter coffee you can dose like any other filter coffee brand. The dosage for filter coffee is different for everyone and can be completely adjusted to you personal preference. Some people want it super strong, others soft and weak. Please note that this coffee does contain less caffeine than other, normal Arabica and Robusta coffee. But… that is also better for your health.

Coffee in hemp seeds 

It’s is really nice that somebody thought of us, the coffee fans. Hemp tea was already on the market since a while. Now we can finally enjoy a delicious cup of rich-in-taste coffee and hemp!


1 pack of Cannabissimo coffee contains approx.  250 gr fresh filter coffee in a vacuum package.


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